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Welcome to StarMentors, Inc. New York - Miami - Nashville - Los Angeles - Rome - Kansas City - Denver

“Visions for the Future of Quality Entertainment”


The StarMentors Organization

StarMentors, Inc. is a collective organization of top creative entertainment development professionals and executives that have combined their proven talent, history, and expertise. Their goal is to develop, create and provide the best entertainment, motions pictures, live musical events, musical talent, quality media content and resources to deliver the best entertainment available.

The StarMentor’s select team of top leadership, entertainment visionaries, writers, producers, publicists, and technical professionals will utilize the best technologies, techniques, digital media distribution systems and entertainment marketing strategies available worldwide. StarMentors, Inc’s  continuous efforts are to promote successful investment, relationships and creative opportunities that will fulfill the market’s future demands for quality entertainment.

The StarMentors Family of Companies

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“Talent needs to swarm as a collective hive, this is where the honey is made”

Jay Jaworski, President and CEO.
Starmentors Inc

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