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The StarMentors Staff “Visions for the Future of Quality Entertainment”

Jay Jaworski artist manager

Jay Jaworski

President/CEO – StarMentors, Inc.

Jay is the CEO and President of and Co-founder of StarMentors, Inc. He is an entrepreneur that oversees the strategic direction and development of the Kansas City and Denver based entertainment company. Mr. Jaworski provides expert guidance and develops partnerships to create and promote successful investment, relationships and creative opportunities. His vision is to facilitate the creation of the best new entertainment trends to fulfill future entertainment market demands. Mr. Jaworski became co-founder of the company after a 30-year career in entertainment development, talent management and artist development, media production, marketing development and entertainment content delivery. He is also an award-winning screenplay writer and author. He founded other successful business including Mainstage Portland, Inc. Crossworlds Records and Digistar Entertainment International and J&L Technologies, Inc.

His extensive professional and business development accomplishments are responsible for creating healthy client relationships and opening new markets. His goal is to forge strategic alliances where his company can leverage the StarMentors proprietary and professional assets to provide quality entertainment to the worldwide markets.

Tony Biondo Picture

Tony Biondo

Corporate Vice President of Entertainment and Business Development.

Tony Biondo is the Vice President of Entertainment and Business Development and the Co-founder of StarMentors, Inc.  He holds the position of the Senior Executive that oversee the strategic project development of the StarMentors current and future entertainment development projects. He also is directly responsible for the business expansion and management of the StarMentors individual entertainment related business units.

Mr. Biondo’s decades of experience and successful ventures within the entertainment and music industry allows him to identify opportune trends where StarMentors can strategically position the company to apply our assets and talent. He is a successful concert promoter completing concerts for artists, Linda Ronstadt, Alice Cooper, Leon Russell, Joe Cocker, Isley Brothers, BB King, Tower of Power, Rare Earth, Santana, and many more. Additionally, he is also a highly trained and creative musician and producer. He has worked with and has graced the stage with top performer such as: Bo Diddly, Chuck Berry, The Drifters, The Coasters, Jerry Lee Lewis. Conway Twitty, Brenda Lee, Marty Robbins, The Nu Beats, Albert Collins, Larry Williams, Little Junior Parker, Albert King, Freddie K.

Mr. Biondo has founded successful entertainment related business including Monogram Records and many other influential entertainment organizations. He is a strong leader and project manager with a keen sense of talent and production quality. He possesses the exceptional leadership qualities that are required to accomplish the Starmentor’s goal of providing quality entertainment to the worldwide markets.

LIsa Jaworski Picture

Lisa Jaworski

Corporate Vice President of Creative Development

Lisa Jaworski is Vice President of Creative Development and Co-founder of StarMentors, Inc.  Her extensive experience in corporate leadership in production design, creative entertainment development, entertainment project and talent management give StarMentors the right talent needed to accomplish our long-term goals. The success of the StarMentor’s mission depends on the quality of the creative process and execution of the critical steps necessary to complete our entertainment delivery goals. Lisa oversees this process and coordinates the production, talent and creative staff to assure on-time delivery of project completion schedules. She has a unique visionary approach to the steps required in executing the company’s project and production commitments.

She is an award-winning feature film screenwriter, actress, and accomplished musical artist. Lisa is an effective and proven entertainment production developer and resource manager. The leadership quality that Lisa brings to StarMentors, Inc is key to our success in developing and building the quality entertainment teams necessary to deliver the high-quality media content required by our industry, stakeholders, investors and our world audiences.

Lisa is a seasoned business management executive with many successful ventures to her credit including Mainstage Portland Artist Development Center, Inc., Mainstage Concerts, Lisa Ann Designs and Painted Daisy Productions just to name few.


Sergio Lopes

Senior Entertainment Advisor

Sergio Lopes is one of the superstars of the entertainment industry and are we proud to have him as Senior Advisor to our executive staff. His extensive experience in entertainment marketing, entertainment project management and entertainment business development makes him one of our best assets in achieving our goal. The goal of providing the best quality entertainment available. He also helps StarMentors with the right insight into the discovery of new digital delivery opportunities worldwide. His extensive professional background is priceless when working with new and established professional entertainers, musical artists, professional athletes and film & media industry professionals.

Mr. Lopes’s accomplishments and experience is second to none. Sergio has held top positions at some of the most prestigious worldwide entertainment organizations. Sergio held the position as Senior Vice President of Capitol/EMI Latin an US, Vice President of Digital and Channel Development /EMI, Vice President TAG Strategic Digital Entertainment, Director of Catalogue Marketing/Sony, Market Manager/CBS Records and A&R Director for Sony. Sergio worked closely with superstar level artists such as Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Korn, George Michael, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Julio Iglesias, Chayanne, in developing marketing strategies.

Mr. Lopes currently is the Director of the Entertainment Division at South Florida Wealth Advisors in Plantation Florida. He provides professional athletes and world-class entertainers valuable mentoring and coaching to help establish solid careers and to maintain financial growth and stability. The entertainment industry is unique and entertainment professionals are faced with critical decisions. Mr. Lopes is the best voice to provide advice and forge partnerships to meet his clients professional, financial and personal objectives. StarMentors, Inc. is proud and thankful for Sergio’s contribution and participation in our projects, idea, visions and goals.


Mr. Mike Slarve

Vice President of Artist Commercial Business and Tour Development

The key to our successful entertainment development company is the strength built into the organization of those who understand the logistics, the effort required to plan for success, and masterly execute each production or major entertainment event that we develop. StarMentors, Inc. is pleased that Mr. Mike Slarve has chosen our company to apply his incredible and proven talents. Mike brings to each of our projects and clients decades of proven success and experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry including: Tour Management and Logistics, Concert Promotion and Design, Entertainment Management and Production Management. Mike’s decades of experience is a key asset to the StarMentor’s team. Mike’s accomplishments are extensive and too many to list. He has promoted and produced countless major world-class entertainment events and concerts. He has produced, managed and instrumental in the success of some of the biggest artists of the day including, Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Rod Stewart just to name a few. Mike’s extensive experience and love for the touring, concert and entertainment industry led him to become one of the largest brokers and owner of entertainment tour coaches in the US. He at any time would have over 100 top of the line tour coaches on the road transporting the who’s who in the entertainment industry across the county. Mike’s unique ability to bring people and organizations together inspired him to create the Entertainer Motor Coach Council (EMC) the first and only industry-wide consortium for entertainment coaches. Mike resided as President of the EMC for 2 years. StarMentor’s is proud to have Mr. Slarve as one of our leaders. His dedication to excellence, professionalism and success will always be instrumental in supporting our entertainment clients with the right options and leadership to accomplish our company goals of providing quality entertainment worldwide.


Paul LeClair

Executive Director of Production and Entertainment Development

Mr. Paul LeClair is a significant member of the StarMentor’s executive team. His position as Executive Director of the Film Development and Production Team places him at the center of the action at StarMentors Films. He provides the critical logistical support, management and organization for each project. He assures that each production’s critical functions are adequately staffed, assets are properly applied, budgets are maintained, and production schedules are met. He is actively engaged in discovering, assessing and developing new script opportunities and works closely with our staff writers and technical staff. His primary goal is to assure our company meets the Stakeholder’s and Investor’s expectations.

Paul is known throughout the movie and television industry as the “Doctor of Tenacity” or “Dr.Ten” for short. This is due to his unique ability to accomplish the impossible. Paul has decades of working in front and behind the scenes. Paul is no stranger to the silver screen where he has worked as an Actor, Producer, Co-Producer, Associate Producer on countless popular movies and television productions. His industry credits include General Hospital, Growing Pains, Independence Day, Battlestar Galactica, Days of Our Lives and countless others. He has also appeared as an actor with Jeff Goldblum, Leonardo Dicaprio, Chevy Chase, Anthony Hopkins, Farrah Fawcett, John Stamos, Demi Moore and Sylvester Stallone just to name a few.

Paul’s professional contributions to the StarMentors organization of his exceptional skills and tenacity for team spirit is pivotal in accomplishing the company’s goal of creating and providing quality entertainment and unique media content to the worldwide markets.

Karen Ammond

Karen Ammond

Associate Vice President of Publicity and Media Relations

Karen holds the position of Associate Vice President of Publicity and Media Relations. StarMentors must assure that the successful accomplishments made by our business units receive the best news coverage and publicity available that will reach our worldwide audience and interested parties. That is why Karen is on our team. She is a respected world class talent that clearly is in a league is of her own. It is also clear with her talents working on behalf of our company, we are confident that our success will be built on the best opportunities, lasting relationships and positive publicity generated by Karen.

Karen  is the Founder and President of the successful KBC Media company based in New Jersey and New York. Karen history pans decades National and International Media Relations experience. Karen has designed and executed countless successful publicity and media relations campaigns for the professional Music industry, Film and Television, Radio, Print, Celebrity, Entertainment, Authors and Lifestyle I Europe, Canada and US. Karen has been successful in placing clients on national networks including Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox and Friends, CNN, HLN, Bloomberg, PBS, MSNBC, CNBC and many others.

She is skillfully successful in placing and generating positive publicity for her exclusive clients with placements on top entertainment show shows such as: Late Night, Daytime Talk, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Rachel Ray, Wendy Williams, The View, The Talk, Ellen, Steve Harvey, Kelly, Dr. Phil, Kathie Lee and Hoda, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition. She routinely is engaged in high end publicly campaigns with the major news networks: The NY Times, NY Post, Page Six, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune to name a few.

Karen was also Associate Producer of a Discovery Channel Film and is Producer of a full feature documentary. Karen was named by SJ Magazine as one of the “25 People to Watch” and reviewed by ETV as Top Publicist in the USA. She is honored to be included in Who’s Who in Media. StarMentors is proud she is on our team and s dedicated to creating the best entertainment for the future.

John Ramaine Picture

John Ramaine

Director of Creative Entertainment Development

John is a driving force of the StarMentors Films creative team.  This extensive background in film production, theatrical creative development, directing, screenplay writing and acting allows him to contribute to the company’s goal of providing the best quality products possible.  John ‘s participation in the StarMentors Films projects provides our company with the irreplaceable skills needed when developing new film projects, selecting creative talent, developing and expanding on the success of movie scripts and overall production design.  

John is an accomplish award winning Film Maker, Author, Actor and Screenplay Writer. John has studied at some of the most prestigious film making and theatrical institutes including The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Bill Alderson’s Meisner Theatrical School, Ann Jackson’s scene study at HB Studios and NYU TISCH. John was trained as a Filmmaker/Screenwriter at NYU TISCH. He is accredited for his contribution and teaching at the FFELT Theater School for Screenwriting.  His extensive acting credits gives John the edge that StarMentors, Inc.  seeks to successfully complete meaningful and quality productions. His extensive acting and film productions credits include: A National Tour of Man of La Mancha, a Spring Awakenings produced by Marvel Repertory and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Playhouse on Park in West Hartford CT. John has performed numerous television roles for the History, Discover and Arts/Entertainment and the ABC networks. He has received a Best Actor Nomination at the Domani Vision Film Festival.  John has produced, directed or stared in many successful short films Including The Field, Psycho Babble, Discarded (which John directed) and I Am Julia, all of which won various awards from numerous film festivals.

John shares the StarMentors collective vision of creating the best film for the future demand of our industry.  John’s strengths as a filmmaker is his ability to gird up and encourage likeminded artists struggling to find relevance in their chosen field.  Lauded as a mentor, John is also an encourager and leads to inspire those struggling to find a voice through their cinematic art.


Andre Hawkins

Graphics Design and Media Content Designer

The StarMentors organization is proud to have Andre Hawkin on our team. All or our projects, artists and entertainers benefit from Andre’s level of creative talent in their corner either as a Mentor or Coach or working closely with him to get the right branding, image and presentation quality they need. All of StarMentors projects and critical imagery design is centered on his participation with the StarMentors team’s effort and overall goals.

André is a world class graphic designer, marketer, photographer, artist andwriter. He achieved his advanced degree in Visual Communications from Ohio State University. He has created effective designs for many businesses, organizations, foundations, independent artists and entertainers. For many years André has successfully designed effective and essential print media imagery, branding campaigns and professional level marketing materials for the Entertainment and Music and Media industries.

His exceptional skills have been instrumental in successful campaigns for major artistssuch as Fleetwood Mac and Rascal Flatts and countless other high-end commercial ventures as Victoria Secret. He is a highly sought out designer and professional visual media developer that is well known for elevating the image of his clients to always look like a fortune 500 company or successful artist. He is the President of his own company called Kenosis Design Innovations.

His open mind, world class artistic ability, creative solutions and willingness to listen andembrace StarMentors visions to deliver the quality visual messages that we envision.

Dustin Marcellino

Dustin Marcellino

Entertainment Development Advisor (Director/Producer)

Starmentor’s Inc is proud and honored to have Mr. Dustin Marcellino as part of our companies amazing advisory staff. Every good entertainment development company requires the right people with the vision and the skills to complete the project. When consulted, Dustin provides us with the solid advice required while navigating the complex road of the production planning and execution process. Dustin is a proven asset and his desire is to support the StarMentor’s vison allows our company to gain the foundation to deliver quality entertainment that meets the worldwide viewing audience’s approval.

Dustin Marcellino is an award-winning Music Video and Motion Picture Director and has won two Fuse/TV Sonic Bid Awards for his work on numerous cutting-edge music videos. He is one of the most sought out top up-and-coming Directors in the Nashville music and film scene. He is quickly gaining recognition and respect in the film community for his unique directing skills and unorthodox shooting style. His talent and professional experience on countless major Music Video and Film Production projects has elevated him to work with the top of the industry’s community. He recently directed the acclaimed full feature film “The Identical” featuring Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd and Seth Green which was released worldwide.

Dustin is a unique visionary and a creative professional that makes every frame count for his clients and his projects. Any serious production company, artist, band or performer should align themselves with his rare creativity. His focus on quality production and visual excellence is a hard to find essential attribute.

Frank schoof Picture

Frank Schoof

Sr. Director of Information and Digital Media Technologies

Mr. Frank Schoof provides StarMentors, Inc. with the irreplaceable skills to achieve our goal of designing, development, launching and maintaining our new proprietary global digital content delivery systems. His successful implementation of new and leading-edge networks for major global technology organizations and many Fortune 500+ companies gives StarMentors, Inc. the edge it needs to develop new digital content delivery platforms. Frank is a professionally skilled and proven Project Manager. His 20 + years of experience as a Global SAP Architect, Global Leader of Information Technology Portfolio Management and Technical Services, Leading Global IT Portfolio and Project Manager and Technology Transformer is invaluable to our stakeholders.

Mr. Schoof possesses the valuable knowledge related to infrastructure and global data center design, network architecture and integration and implementations of high-end storage architect/design for emerging internet technologies. He is a Certified Sun Engineer, EMC Storage Engineer, Solaris Network Engineer and IBM ESS Storage expert.

Frank shares the vision of StarMentors, Inc. to create and provide the best global entertainment content available thought managed digital delivery and networking technologies. StarMentors, Inc. is proud and fortunate to have him on our team as the Sr. Director of Information and Digital Media Technologies.

Steven Beer

Steven Beer

Legal Counsel

Our company is grateful to have Mr. Steven Beer Steven as legal counsel for our entertainment related business at StarMentors, Inc. Steven concentrates his practice on film, television and music matters. He represents industry-leading film, television and music companies and has acted as counsel to numerous award-winning writers, directors, producers, and multi-platinum musical artists. Steven has been listed annually in Super Lawyers New York Metro edition. Research and Markets listed him as one of the top lawyers in Entertainment Law, Settlements and Negotiations. The Wrap online magazine cited Steven as one of “21 Great Thinkers of Indie Film.” Steven regularly attends major film festivals — including Cannes, Sundance, SXSW, Toronto and Tribeca — where he negotiates distribution rights deals. In addition to acting as production and distribution counsel for many independent films, Steven has also acted as executive producer.

He frequently writes and lectures about film and music issues and matters related to young artists. Allworth Press published Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment: The Prudent Parent’s Guide in 2015. In 2012, his article “The New Renaissance Paradigm – A Break-through Time For Artists” was published in the inaugural edition of the Berkeley Entertainment Law Journal and his article “Life After Sundance: Distribution and Marketing for the 99 Percent” was published in Indiewire.

Steven serves as a trustee to the City Parks Foundation and is co-chair of the Arts Committee responsible for Summer Stage, NYC’s largest free performing arts festival. He is also a Rooftop Films board member and plays ice hockey in his spare time. He provides legal services to independent film producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, musicians, and film production and distribution companies. Additionally, his NYC based company is counsel to talent management companies, personal talent managers, and individual talent in the arenas of music, film, and writing.