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Movies We Are Working On

Kids on the Hill poster Mastered
Starmentors Films
StarMentors - Fastest-Man-in-the-World-Front-Tony Volpentest

Kids on the Hill:

Comedic Drama/Action
Inspired by True Events (or just a little).
“Five kids set out to do the right thing experience setbacks they never knew existed, making all the difference in the world”

The Music Men:

Based on True Accounts. “When war interrupts the exploding career of a young popular musician he is thrown into a world of survival, redemption and strange coincidence”

The Tony Volpentest Story

An Inspiration and heartfelt story about Paralympics Gold Medalist Athlete Tony Volpentest and his extraordinary journey.


Starmentors Films is a motion picture production design and media content production organization. Our collective staff of top proven Directors, Writers, Producers and Film Executives are dedicated to helping Independent Film Makers, Screen Writers with unique films and stories to get their films funded and produced. The StarMentor’s proprietary funding programs and system allow many talented film makers worldwide to have access to alternative funding and production opportunities.